Endeavour Motors can perform a full, comprehensive 32-point service (as well as our 19-point basic service) that will ensure your vehicle has maximum lifespan and minimum wear-and-tear. Ask us about our service upgrade to fully synthetic oils. Approved to European IV specifications.

  1. Run complete diagnostic computer scan
  2. Change engine oil and filter
  3. Test brake fluid condition
  4. Top-up brake fluid
  5. Check and top-up clutch fluid (if applicable)
  6. Test and top-up coolant
  7. Test radiator cap
  8. Visual check of cooling system hoses
  9. Inspect power steering fluid
  10. Test battery condition
  11. Check and fill battery fluid
  12. Top-up window washer fluid
  13. Check windscreen wiper blades
  14. Remove and clean air filter
  15. Check and top-up transmission fluid
  16. Check and top-up diff, transaxle fluid
  17. Check and fill tyre pressure
  18. Lubricate door hinges
  19. Test brake lights, side lights and indicators
  20. Test headlights
  21. Grease suspension and steering components
  22. Check CV boot condition
  23. Visual check of fan and vee belts
  24. Visual check of fuel filter
  25. Check spark plugs (replaced at extra cost)
  26. Test charging system output
  27. Test ignition timing
  28. Check exhaust gas
  29. Check exhaust system
  30. Visual inspection of front and rear brakes and adjustment
  31. Reset service indicators
  32. Road test
  • Mobil 3000 5W-30 fully synthetic oil used
  • Additional oil charge if requires over 4 litres
  • Additional oil filter cost if filter is over $20
  • Spark plugs require replacement between 40,000 and 100,000km depending on type, so we don’t include it in the price.

Price Guide for European Car full Service

Euro 4 Cyl – $360 with Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil (Allowing 4 litres of oil)

Euro 6 Cyl – $400 with Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil (Allowing 6.5 litres of oil)

Euro 8 Cyl/SUV – $450 with Mobil 1 fully synthetic oil (Allowing 8 litres of oil)

Please request a quote for a price on your specific car.



Tip: Regular maintenance is critical to ensure the safety, reliability, drivability, comfort and longevity of any car. Scheduled inspections give the experts a chance to catch anything serious before it becomes a major problem. Servicing your car regularly can save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

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