Kumho Tyres

We are proud to be a Kumho distributor authorized by Kumho Tyres. We offer a large range of Kumho tyres, in many different sizes and tread patterns but all with competitive pricing.

Kumho was established in 1960, and is now ranked as one of the top ten tyre companies in the world.  Wether you are driving a passenger car, performance, prestige, 4×4, SUV, or a light commercial there is an option with  Kumho Tyres.

Tyre fitting and wheel balancing

We can fit your new Kumho tyres and balance your wheels onsite, and we can also organise a wheel alignment if required..

If your car has a case of the shakes, it is highly likely that at least one of your wheels need balancing. It is not only difficult to drive with unbalanced wheels, but this condition can create problems in steering and suspension components and uneven tyre wear. Ensuring your wheels are balanced can increase the life of your steering and suspension systems…

Your wheels might need to be balanced if you have any of the following:

  • Your car shakes at certain speeds
  • You have recently had new tyres fitted
  • You have had a tyre removed from its rim
  • You have noticed  irregular tyre wear
  • You have unusual vibrations in your steering wheel